Production and application

A 400 mm roll-to-roll system for the mass production of NorcSi anodes is currently at the planning stage

We manufacture button and pouch cells at our facility in Halle an der Saale and conduct tests for further optimization and customization for specific applications. Meanwhile, the concept for a roll-to-roll system with a roll width of 400 mm for the industrial production of NorcSi anodes is being developed in cooperation with a leading company for industrial vacuum coating.

We have demonstrated the scalability of our process from sheet-to-sheet production to the roll-to-roll production back in 2022 in collaboration with the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. As part of this partnership, we launched the first automated system to produce our anode material using the R2R process with standard carrier films on a 180 mm roll width. Consequently, we were able to significantly increase our testing and customization pace.

Our test cells already achieve ordinary performance in terms of cycle stability and extraordinary charging speed and capacity. Nevertheless, there are still numerous parameters for further optimization.

Zu Beginn unserer Entwicklung produzierten wir unser Anoden-Material im Sheet-to-Sheet-Verfahren und fertigten Testzellen, um Leistungsparameter zu identifizieren und optimieren. Unsere Testzellen erreichen bereits marktübliche Werte mit Blick auf die Zyklenstabilität, Ladegeschwindigkeit und Kapazität. Dennoch stehen uns zahlreiche Parameter zur weiteren Optimierung offen.

NorcSi anode technology is customizable and versatile...

...for every application
NorcSi Anode Anwendung E-mobilitaet
NorcSi Anode Anwendung Energiespeicher
Energy storage
NorcSi Anode Anwendung Elektronikgeräte
Electronic devices
…and in any battery, for example lithium-ion, solid-state or lithium-sulfur batteries.
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